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Boring - Milling Heads

SORALUCE boring-milling heads are acknowledged as being in a class of their own thanks to their high reliability.

The broad range of SORALUCE heads (Universal, Orthogonal, Horizontal, Modular Quill, Angular, Special, etc) are distinguished by their precision and high performance, enabling complex boring, milling, drilling, reaming and tapping operations to be performed with great accuracy.


» Design

SORALUCE heads are designed in-house by an experienced team of engineers, prioritizing reliability and precision with respect to other features. Additionally, SORALUCE has its own R&D head department, for enhanced final product design. Our own Research and Development Center ik4-Ideko participates in the development of new head models, calculating rigidity, torque and permissible power values. Design and production of heads are fully integrated; the design department responds immediately to any questions arising during production.
Continuous improvement methodology is applied in order to continually maintain the highest standards.

» Manufacturing

The manufacturing process is conducted in-house, in a state-of-the-art workshop with temperature and humidity control.
SORALUCE uses ultra-precision machining centers to achieve extremely tight tolerances.

» Verification

Strict in-process quality control of 100% of the components assembled on the heads.
SORALUCE has MMC verification units in order to guarantee the required precision values.

» Assembly

Assembly of SORALUCE heads by highly skilled assembly engineers in temperature- and humidity-controlled assembly shops.
Assembly and intermediate and final verification processes are strictly defined and rigorously followed.

» Running-in

The heads undergo 72 hours of nonstop testing on specifically designed test benches to certify the highest quality standards for the most critical component of the machine. These benches are used for testing joint precision, leak prevention, checking the temperature of the heads at different speeds, etc.
An additional 125 hours of running-in is carried out with the head on the machine, in order to certify the most reliable head performance.

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